Wednesday, May 2, 2012

In future I will try to get these blogs published before Tuesday Night Race Team!  I am still working out the kinks of video editing as you will see in my first production, but I think that there is plenty of good content in this, the first video for the CYC Laser Race Team.  The content is quite advanced, so don't feel bad if not everything is accessible.  Please bring your questions to practice.  My intent was to broadcast the details that I would never be able to get to in a briefing of debrief of a reasonable length and to and draw a picture of a refined skill that we will work towards.

Enjoy!  Please share your comments, record questions or insights in your LOG BOOK to share at the next Race Team event.

  • One use of this blog could be to post comments about which day you will be sailing in a given week so that we can coordinate our water sessions.
  • Video-supported private lessons are available, talk to me for details. 
  • Thursday Night Racing has not yet started this week, but I will start the rumour that there will be a few people out training independently this Thursday none the less.  Post your intent to sail!
  • How is your dry-land training going?  What are your plans to move forward on cardio, core, strength and flexibility?  I am due for another workout.  If you need another reason to stay fit and eat healthily, make Race Team that reason and peer pressure other Race Team Members to partake.

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  1. Private lesson this afternoon in 13-16 knots from the South East: beautiful. I'll be heading out this evening, Dave Elliott too.