Friday, May 25, 2012

Here is a video to inspire you to be patient and never give up as the boat goes over.  Steer with the heel of your boat and get your weight on the inside of the turn... or float your weight in the water!

Last Night's Thursday Night Racing was an interesting series of weather conditions as a big rain cloud approached with strong wind, passed with rain and continued on its way leaving us with light wind.  I came out ahead in the races tonight choosing the pin and the left side of the course for the most part.  The oscillations were wild but it seemed to me that the median was coming out of the left.  Mike H joined us tonight and came in second until the cold got the better of him.  Mike W took his place in the last race as the wind lightened.

Don't miss CYC's Icebreaker Regatta this weekend, the second of the Dick Degner Grand Prix Series.  The Notice of Race is posted here, come out tonight (Friday May 25th) for registration from 7pm to 9pm.  Otherwise registration is 8am to 9am Saturday morning, May 26th.  But I would recommend coming out tonight.  We are expecting at least two excellent sailors to be coming out this evening after long absences (Krzysztof M, Dave B...) and they will be looking for training partners to help knock off the rust.  I'll be out, join us!  Also I have heard rumours of aperitifs and wine. 

In other news, the CYC Laser Race Team has managed to get a discount on a monthly gym memberships to the gym at the Chestermere Rec Centre.  So if you can build in a workout to your trips to Chestermere Lake or if you live nearbyse enough, join up!

Speaking of fitness, plans are being made for Laser North American Championships at the Columbia Gorge Racing Association in Cascade Locks, Oregon.  Here is a link to the Notice of Race.  There are also some cool camps and events leading up to it, but if you want to leave the day before and get back the day after, I currently have carpool spots.  Royal Victoria Yacht Club has rented a house, which I expect will fill up quickly.  I would recommend this as an event to gear your fitness training towards because it is a warm and windy venue.  But your upwind grinds are well rewarded by long down wind blasts because the Hood River flows Up Wind! 

Having plugged the North American Champs, I will remind you of Newel's Prairie Wind Regatta the weekend before with a training day on Friday.  Lake Newel is one of Alberta's best sailing venues and the club is situated in a Provincial Park so book your campsite early.  This is the Western Canadian Laser Masters Championship and a regatta of the Dick Degner D5 SeriesFind the Notice of Race here.

I know of at least one trailer leaving straight from Newel to CGRA North Americans if you are looking for the full deal.

See you on the water this weekend for the Icebreaker  Windfinder is currently predicting sun and 7 knots for Saturday.  15 degrees and 6 knots for Sunday.

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