Monday, January 7, 2013

May and June 2013 Training Schedule

2013 looks to be an exciting year for sailing in Alberta.  It is a Canada Games year, it is the first year of the new olympic quadrennial, so the New Rules come into effect.  Alberta Sailing will have a lot of instructor development especially in terms of racing skills so there may be many opportunities to join with these clinics and help raise the calibre of instructor sailing.  CANSail is continuing to evolve and improve.
Perhaps most notably... we have a new regatta schedule designed to work better with training principles and keep people more engaged throughout the summer.

Here is a message about it from Alberta Sailing:

Hello Alberta Clubs, teams and schools,

Please circulate to your membership and in particular everyone involved in youth sailing at your club, team or school. We have changed our approach to setting the May - June training camp schedule for 2013 by proposing the following schedule and looking for feedback from stakeholders. We are open to changing dates and locations as well as adding training opportunities where we can support. The July training camp and regatta circuit is finalized except for the possibility of moving the Provincial Regatta from Labour Day to the last weekend in July. August is almost completely open to opportunities for Alberta Sailing to help build or improve sailing at your club, team or school. ASA would like to be at your club helping to build the sport.  

Our first priority for the May - June training camps is to support the development of sustainable local youth training programs. All camps can include some kind of coach / instructor development and certification as well as training for adults and other classes where there is interest and our resources can support.  

Early Season Training Camps

1. May 4 - 5 has been left open as the water is still very cold and often hard this early in the season. Might be an opportunity for some dry land training. Rules clinics???  

2. May 11 - 12 Glenmore Sailing Club and Glenmore Sailing School.  

a. We plan to include Sailing Skills and other clinics for coaches and instructors.  

3. May 18 - 19 Calgary Yacht Club, note that the Glenmore Sailing Club youth team may be moving to CYC around this time due to low water levels in the reservoir.  

a. We plan to include Sailing Skills and other clinics for coaches and instructors.  

4. May 25 - 26 Wabamun Sailing Club  

5. June 1 - 2 Newell Sailing Club  

6. June 8 - 9 Edmonton Yacht Club  

7. June 15 - 16 Calgary Yacht club  

8. June 22 - 23 Icebreaker Regatta Calgary Yacht Club. New date and warmer water  

9. June 29 - 30 Edmonton Yacht Club  

a. We plan to include Sailing Skills and other clinics for coaches and instructors.  

We want to finalize the training schedule by the end of January so we can get the word out and move forward with planning. All dates are currently listed on the ASA calendar  

I am happy to discuss the schedule and any other sailing opportunities with individuals or groups by phone, email or in person anywhere in the province.  

Peter MacDougal  

Sailing to Win - Sport for Life  

Alberta Sailing - Sail Canada  


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