Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The 2012 Wabamun Open happened this weekend and it was a regatta to remember.  The typical race went as follows:

-Chilly breeze 13-16 knots which felt like 15-20 knots
-3 ft of challenging and irregular chop which felt like 5 foot chop
-45minute to 1 hour and 10 minute races ... where is the windward mark?  Too far upwind to see with the naked eye!
-Oscillating wind
-Punctual race committee
-Good food and wonderful volunteers

The first race was the longest race and it set the tone for tired legs, arms and core muscles.  This regatta reminded the competitors how incredibly physically demanding our sport is.  Everyone who braved it and went out on the water was exhausted but loving the champagne sailing conditions.  Huge long screaming reaches and epic knuckle-biting battles as we tried to take advantagr og the big waves upwind and down (and sometimes the waves took advantage of us).  Wabamun Sailing Club puts on a world class regatta.  On the registration form there is even a spot for you to put your ISAF number.  If Ben Ainslie came to the Wabamun Open he would put GBRCA1, to which I have hyperlinked his ISAF Biog page.  Mike Leigh would put CANML1.  Long courses, great race management and an excellent venue.  Good job WSC.  I am very much looking forward to 2012 provincials at WSC September 1-3.  Here are some pictures of past WSC events...

Wabamun Open 2005

Ian S

Ian E, the background picture to this blog

Ian H and Dave E.  CN Rail and Glenmore Sailboats have both used this picture in advertisements.

Ian E... uh oh!  This is why you should turn onto a hotter reach or further by the lee as soon as you pick up speed down a wave!!

Back at the 2012 Wabamun Open (link to the results page here), in the Laser Full Rig fleet Isaac B was unable to repeat his victory at Icebreaker due to his disadvantage in weight.  He battled valiantly and beat me to a couple marks.  He finishing ahead of Nick H and Dave C in some races, but in the end he finished in fourth place.  The fight for second was hotly contested by Nick and Dave, but finally settled it in the last race with Dave C in second and Nick H in third place overall.  I had good battles with each of Isaac, Nick and Dave, but in each race I ended up ahead and won the regatta.

In the Radial Fleet, Hanny B was consistent in third, Finn G had a strong showing for second place, catching Maura at least twice (there was a disagreement between the recorded results and those remembered by Finn and Maura in Race 6), and Maura came out ahead to win the regatta. 

There was also a Fireball Fleet, and we were introduced to the saying "It is NOT a Francis wind out there" coined by International Judge Steve T at a Fireball World Championships that Hamish F and Francis F attended.  This saying means that it is WINDY.

There was an interesting x-fleet with among other boats, a formula 16 catamaran and some 505s.  There was a strong Opti fleet there with more than half the fleet sailing almost all 14 of their races in spite of the demanding conditions!  Nice work everyone!

Thanks to ASA's coaching staff for supporting the regatta for free!  They helped with the Opties and supporting fleets on the big course as well.  Peter M got some great footage of the Lasers and Radials and ran a great video debrief Saturday Night.  If I can get ahold of some of the footage I would lake to do another blog video with it soon.

Don't miss today's Tuesday Night Race Team practice and make plans to come out to the EYC Intercity Regatta next week.

Happy Training (and cross training... nobody, myself included, was fit enough for the 2012 Wabamun Open Regatta lets get running and hitting the gym.  With their permission, I will try to post Erin F's and Hannah M's workout for some inspiration)


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